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Over the years we have narrowed our services to electronic musical and audio equipment. We do not fix modern hifi or audiovisual products such as receivers, P.A. equipment, speakers, TVs or DVD players. However, we do work on 20th century stereo equipment (i.e. manufactured pre-2000), including turntables, cassette decks and radiograms, provided there isn’t a tight deadline.

We specialise in guitar amplifiers, keyboards, digital pianos, organs and Leslie speakers. 

We do not offer binding quotes or estimates! Unfortunately, it’s not possible to determine a repair price for complex electronics without first thoroughly diagnosing the fault, which often constitutes the bulk of the labour required. Instead, we contact customers when repairs require expensive parts or extensive labour. You’re also welcome to nominate a price limit and we’ll get in touch if we can’t repair your item at or below that cost. If a repair is found to exceed your budget and you do not wish to proceed, only minimum fee is payable. 

Items are always cheapest to repair if you can bring them to our workshop near Midland. Bulky instruments such as digital pianos can often be separated from their base and moved in a typical vehicle – saving you a lot on service call fees.

If you are unable to attend the workshop, portable items may be left at one of two music shops which act as agents, however the shops may charge fees in addition to our parts and labour. See our contact page for a full list.

Current workshop prices:

Minimum charge: $30 payable when item left at workshop
Labour: $96/hour

If you can’t bring your equipment to us for whatever reason, we can come to you! Our minimum service call charges include half an hour of labour and apply to all call-outs.

Current service call prices:

Perth Metro call-out fee: $147

Mandurah/Butler call-out fee: $206
Service calls outside of the greater Perth area incur an additional $50 fee per 100km (round trip).

Additional Labour: $96/hour

All prices include GST. EFTPOS available.

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